State of the art ICT solutions for integration

Featured image caption: Content of the report “ICT-Solutions for MICADO” (Source: TU Wien)

In order to develop a solution that fits the needs and demands of MICADO’s target groups the best, the project partners created an overview of existing solutions and the general state-of-the-art of relevant frameworks and technologies. The task, which was led by TU Wien with active contributions from HCU Hamburg, Digipolis Antwerp, URJC Madrid, CSI Turin, SYNYO Vienna and LGV Hamburg, was completed in June. The results were summarised in the report “ICT-Solutions for MICADO”, which can be downloaded via the following link and also presented and discussed during the second consortium meeting in Bologna.

In general, the research has shown that there are already many applications existing that want to facilitate migrant integration. However, they do not reach the scope and depth MICADO wants to address. A main positive outcome of the report is that there are a number of potential technological frameworks, which can be utilised effectively, regarding data collection, ingestion analysis and visualisation. However, the nature of the project demands a thorough selection of the most suitable components and diligent set-up of the system architecture. Both tasks will be done during WP4, which is based upon the finished report to a large extent.

Despite the strong emphasis on ICT aspects, the document is not a sole list of components formulated in a very technical language, it is a strategic description of possibilities and serves as a basis for sketching first ideas about the software architecture and the interplay of the components. Furthermore, it is also an understandable guide and explanation of the technological basics to all the project partners and potential users of MICADO.