The MICADO Solutions video

In the last two months of the project, May and June 2022, a marketing video was produced by SYNYO GmbH to explain the MICADO platform and its functionalities in an easy understandable way for a diverse group of audience. The animated video explains to viewers in 3 minutes which challenge MICADO is addressing, which user groups MICADO is targeting, which functions the MICADO solution is offering and how MICADO has been adapted to the local context. The aim of the video is to raise interest in the MICADO application and to invite potential future users to get in contact with the MICADO team to get more information on how to implement MICADO locally.

The video can be easily shared with public administration and CSOs and can be used as a marketing tool long after the project has officially ended.

For more MICADO video content visit our YouTube channel under the following link: