WP1: Scientific and Technological Fundamentals
WP2: Local User Demand and Co-creation
WP3: Concept Integration

D3.1 Minimal Viable Product Description and Pitch


D3.2 Universal Solution Design / System Architecture


D3.3 Technical Requirements set of basic user stories


WP4: Technical Design and Development

D4.2 Architecture Design

D4.3 Technical Report

D4.4 MICADO Platform (Software)

WP5: Local Piloting

D5.2 Integrated implementation plan + tutorials

D5.3 Pilot Progress Brief

D5.4 Local pilot evaluation report

WP6: Local Solutions Development & Exchange

D6.2 Local co-development activities logbook

D6.3 Solutions exchange

WP7: Exploitation, Dissemination & Communication
WP8: Project Management

D8.1 Project management and Quality plan


D8.2 Scientific coordination plan


D8.3 Technical Development Plan


D8.4 Periodic Reports and Final Report

WP9: Ethics requirements

D9.1 POPD – Requirement No. 1


D9.2 H – Requirement No. 2


D9.3 POPD – Requirement No. 3


D9.4 POPD – Requirement No. 4


D9.5 H – Requirement No. 5


D9.6 H – Requirement No. 6