Language version in the four MICADO cities

The MICADO cities of Antwerp, Bologna, Hamburg and Madrid are currently compiling content for MICADO. The content aimed at migrants and refugees will be displayed in different languages. This is because a cornerstone of MICADO is the belief that language barriers are a major reason why newcomers have sometimes difficulty finding their way around and meeting all the official demands placed on them.

Because migration patterns vary across the MICADO cities, the local language versions needed vary from city to city. The four cities analyzed which languages are most pressing. For this purpose, migratory flows of the last 5 years were examined, as the increased influx of refugees since 2014/2015 has radically changed the composition of migrant populations throughout Europe, and it is precisely these recent flows that have posed new challenges for local and national governments with regard to integration.

Besides the local project languages Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish, all local content will also be provided in English. In addition, statistical analysis revealed the following additional languages in which MICADO content should be displayed:

      • Antwerp: Arabic, Spanish
      • Bologna: Arabic, Urdu
      • Hamburg: Arabic, Dari
      • Madrid: Arabic, Chinese

Once all the local content is gathered, it is entered into the MICADO applications. A software component called Weblate then helps to manage the translations, which will be done by professional translating offices.

Tags: Pilot, MICADO cities, language