Wrap-up 2020

An eventful MICADO project year is coming to an end and we would like to take the time to look back at the past activities.

In 2020, the project team developed a so-called Minimal Viable Product (MVP) from the results of the co-creation process. This MVP is the minimal consensus from all the requirements collected from the target groups in the four MICADO cities Antwerp, Bologna, Hamburg and Madrid. The MVP contains all the functionalities and processes that MICADO should be able to do at the end of the project.

Following this conceptual work, the technical development started. The project team was able to review a first draft in the summer and provide feedback to the tech team. Towards the end of the year, a second internal release was available, which was tested in so-called test runs with a selection of members of the three target groups. This again provided valuable feedback to the tech team for the further technical optimization of MICADO. Further technical activities for the preparation of the pilot phase started, in particular finding a host and a local server on which MICADO should be set up in each of the cities.

In addition to the technical development, the work on the content to be displayed in MICADO started. The contents are very diverse; partner gather data for the Migration Situation Monitor and contents for the Information Center as well as develop new step-by-step instructions, e.g. how to extend a residence permit.

Regarding communication and dissemination activities we would like to shed light on the Policy Round Table and the corresponding White Paper “Towards ICT-enabled integration of migrants”, which was a profound success.

2020 was severely affected by the COVID pandemic. This also affected the work in the MICADO project. As a result, we were forced to move events and meetings that we would have liked to hold in presence to the digital space. Fortunately, everyone involved adapted to this challenging situation and the project was able to continue without major delays. A year with many intensive discussions about the direction of MICADO and its functionalities is coming to an end.

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Photo by carlos aranda on Unsplash