Further optimization of the MICADO App

How will the feedback gained from the fourth piloting phase be integrated, and how will it impact the MICADO solutions?

During the piloting phase, MICADO uses the well-fitting iterative and interdisciplinary evaluation and development approach from the previous phases of the project. Feedback from usability tests with the applications’ target groups have been collected in a structured and comparable manner in all four pilot cities. In contrast to current piloting activities, project partners took over an active, moderating role during usability testing workshops and were in direct discussions with the participants.

During piloting, the target groups are asked to test the applications individually and independently, in order to gather information about the applicability of the project’s results in a real environment and get direct (mostly qualitative) feedback on its functionalities. As the project expects in total around 360 testers for the three apps in the pilot cities, (quantitative) feedback in an online survey, focussing on specific aspects of the features.

The piloting phase will be finished with a joint convergence workshop with all pilot cities, technical developers and social scientists of the consortium. As in previous workshops, the aim will be a prioritisation and specification of technical requirements, which will be passed on to the technical development logbook for the last development iteration. This approach allows the delivery of a well-working product, ready to be applied in the pilot cities and beyond.