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The second MICADO convergence workshop


What could be better than meeting the wonderful MICADO colleagues on a Friday afternoon to get to know the latest features of MICADO? Exactly!

On June 5th, 2020 the European MICADO team met for another Convergence Workshop (see also the article about the 1st Convergence Workshop) to take a close look at the newest version of the MICADO applications and to see how the MICADO concept is now translated into digital applications and thus brought to life.

The goal of the meeting was to collect feedback on the key features of the Minimum Viable Product (see also this article) of MICADO, to carry out a first test, and to discuss the features with the development team and the colleagues from the respective other pilot cities. This input would help the technical development team to create the applications in a way that suits the target groups’ needs.

In the first part of the call the three interconnected MICADO applications for public authorities, migrants, and civil society organizations were tested individually by all participants. In a questionnaire that was carefully prepared by the organizing team, first remarks on the overall impression, navigation, and general questions about the features were asked. Based on the results of the questionnaire, the second part of the workshop was dedicated to a detailed discussion.

In the workshop, it became clear that the three applications are already well developed and the core features are working. It became obvious that there have been some differing opinions about the actual functionality of some features and it was good to find a common understanding. The feature Information Center has to be more defined to make it clearer, which information can be found here, especially in contrast to the Glossary and the Guided Processes. The team also noticed particularities, that it hadn’t thought about sufficiently before. For example, it became obvious that the titles of some of the features should be rephrased so that the target groups easily understand what they are. Also, certain refinements are still missing, such as the icons for individual processes (this was not the top priority so far).

The Convergence Workshop brought all partners to a common level of understanding and established a consensus on the functionalities. However, the discussion about the features also gave the development team important clues as to which features are not yet clear and need to be further defined. With these hints, the development team enters the next round of programming.

(Featured Image source: Hakan Uraz)